Frequently Asked Questions

While we cannot say exactly when hours change as it is based on a few different variable factors, mainly a staffing level decision.

We typically start adding additional days to our Thursday – Sunday schedule Late-May to Mid-June. The goal is to be open 7 days a week for the summer season. We start decreasing days Late-August to Early-September.

Hour changes will always be up to date on our social media, website, and answering machine.

Our plan for the foreseeable future is to continue counter service. There is plenty of seating in our 2-dining rooms for you to enjoy not only your doughnuts, coffee, and baked goods but items from our quick menu as well. This includes burritos, bowls, honey dip French toast, grilled cheese and more.

We are very focused on the customers that are in the building waiting to be waited on. We understand the frustration that may come with being unable to get a hold of someone on the phone. If you are looking to place an order or speak to management staff, the best way is to do so online through our contact us page or

You can place an order online here;

Be sure to follow the ordering guidelines carefully as orders submitted past the cut off time will not be completed.

Our current system is not set up for pre-payment. Coming soon!

No, you cannot skip the line. Preordering is for guests looking to make sure their favorite doughnut flavors are available and put aside for them.

Our simple answer is all of the big ones minus Seafood. (See the nut allergy question for explanation) Pretty much every doughnut or bakery product has Dairy, Egg, Gluten, and Soy in the ingredients list in some form.

We do have Freedom Bakery (Woburn, MA) doughnuts available which are gluten, soy, dairy, and nut free. These come to us fresh frozen and served pre-packaged so we can say they are 100% safe.

Unfortunately, all of our raw ingredient’s state that they could have been processed at the same plant as peanuts and tree nuts. We don’t have any peanut doughnut toppings but do have tree nut toppings; both coconut and buttercrunch. (toasted coconut)

We do use peanut butter for our doggy doughnuts and portion sides of peanut butter for guests. Since we have so much young staff we do like to disclose that we do not have separate utensils or work spaces. Everything is of course washed and sanitized after every use. We do train our employees about allergies and cross-contamination, but it is impossible for us to guarantee 100% safety.

Our 100% guaranteed product consists of a pre-packaged doughnuts from Freedom Bakery that are peanut, tree nut, soy, dairy, and gluten free. We carry chocolate sugar & plain sugar. They are a great alternative for those with allergies. They come to us fresh frozen and packaged. You will need to ask for Freedom Bakery’s doughnuts, as our other independent gluten free bakery, Daniella’s Dandies, is not nut free.

We do! We carry individually packaged gluten free doughnuts, whoopie pies, and various pastries from Daniella Dandies based out of Stoneham, MA.

We also carry Freedom Bakery doughnuts which are free of gluten, nuts, dairy, and soy. They are out of Woburn, MA. We carry plain sugar and chocolate sugar. They are froze fresh and served prepackaged so that they will not be contaminated.

We also carry gluten sensitive English muffins for sandwiches, these come to us gluten free however we toast them in the same toaster as gluten items, making them gluten sensitive and not gluten free. Since we have a lot of employees, many young, we don’t feel that we could ever have a gluten free toaster/utensils that we feel confident saying it has never touched gluten.

We will not. This was a choice that did not come lightly but manufacture of the product only produced it once a year. There have been multiple times in the past when we had to go without buttercrunch (before making our own) and it would last for months at a time. Buttercrunch is essentially sweetened, toasted coconut, so we are baking our coconut to produce our new buttercrunch. Give it a try!!

Yes. Please email your full mailing address and she will send you a shipping quote and all the necessary information.

You can fill out an application here;

Applications and acceptance usually all occur in the winter season so keep an eye on our Facebook/Instagram pages for Congdon’s After Dark. We will post the application there with a deadline. We only accept 30-40 trucks each year and have quite a few requirements to be considered. All of this information can be found on the Congdons After Dark website.

Our schedule for the season can be found at

The schedule can change last minute for a number of different reasons so for the most up to date schedule, check out our Facebook page Sometimes trucks have day of cancellations which will not post on our social media unfortunately and out of our control.

Congdon’s doughnuts use and has always used lard to cook our doughnuts. This is why our treats taste just like Grandma used to make. We know that this is not for everyone. If someone in your party is Vegan, Vegetarian, or doesn’t prefer animal fats please try our two doughnut options from Daniella’s Dandies and Freedom Bakeries. (Both bakeries out of MA) These come fresh frozen to us and prepackaged as they are also free of some allergens (see question on allergens for more details) but a great alternative for this purpose as well.