Open 6am - 2pm Daily, Take Out & Drive-Thru Only.

Located in the beautiful seaside town of Wells, Maine, Congdon’s Family Restaurant & Bakery has been serving up world famous doughnuts and delicious breakfast items since 1955. While much has changed since we opened our doors, the family, location, and flavors, are the same as they were we opened our doors decades ago -- and is the reason so many consider us “a must” for anyone traveling to or through southern Maine.

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  • Maine misses you too. ❤️
  • DONUT SALE at our food truck at  @cadfoodtrucks  ! Buy 6, get 7 for the rest of the evening -
  • Have you tried our doughnut beers? Honey Dip Blonde is a blonde ale made with our own Honey Dip Doughnuts
  • Thanks for sharing Jackie! We love the T shirt!
  • Another fantastic review! Thank you, Joe! "Great donuts! Long lines at the drive thru, but the staff kept everything moving-great
  • Fritters upon fritters upon fritters — our guests sure do love their fritters!
  • Did you know we have more than 30 flavors of doughnuts available everyday? Which one is YOUR favorite?
  • Our kitchen and dining room might not be open, but our breakfast sandwiches are the next best thing. Fresh eggs
  • We got ALL the doughnuts—ya jelly?
  • How many Honey Dip can you eat?
  • It’s a beautiful morning to be in Sunny Wells, Maine.
  • DOUGHNUT POPS! If you haven’t tried our gourmet doughnut pops yet, be sure come by the Shack to check them
  • This strawberry frosted is waiting for you, 6 am to 2 pm (drive thru/takeout window only).
  • Can’t decide on a flavor? Pick up a box of doughnut holes! We have more than a dozen options -
  • Doughnuts upon doughnuts upon doughnuts—it’s the stuff dreams are made of.
  • It’s a beautiful day to be in Sunny Wells, Maine! Open 6 am - 2 pm and donut forget about
  • Thanks for the awesome review, Dave! "We went here four days in a row to get a doughnut each morning.
  • WHOOPIE! The weekend is here! And it’s going to be a BEAUTIFUL one to be in Sunny Wells, Maine! ☀️
  • What’s in YOUR dozen?
  • Fritters upon Fritters upon Fritters. Open daily 6 am to 2 pm, drive thru and takeout window only.

Featured On Phantom Gourmet's "HIDDEN JEWEL"

Congdon's After Dark is the only food truck park in New England operating on a daily basis during the summer.

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