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Toilet Paper Rolls Available

We’re glad so many of you appreciated (and found the humor in) this weekend’s toilet paper promotion. While the promotion has ended, the reality is toilet paper supplies continue to be scarce everywhere, creating a potentially awful situation for our most vulnerable friends and neighbors. Therefore, we will continue to give away rolls to anyone who really needs it (up to 2 rolls). Please just go to the doughnut counter or the drive thru during normal business hours (Th-Sun, 6am to 2pm) and ask — no purchase necessary, no questions asked.

The program is obviously contingent on our ability to access supplies ourselves. If you or your business would like to donate rolls, we will continue to distribute them to those who need it. In addition to our gratitude, anyone who makes a donation will also receive a free doughnut!

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Thank you in advance! With a little love, patience, and community spirit, we will all get through this together — and maybe even come out better on the other side.