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Home Of The Baker’s Dozen

At Congdon’s, every dozen comes with a little something special – a 13th doughnut. What’s with the 13th doughnut? Glad you asked!

The “Baker’s Dozen” started in the 13th century after King Henry III became so fed up with British bakers skimping on loaves of bread that he ordered all loaves to be a certain weight. The penalty for a light loaf? A beating, jail time, some even had their hands chopped off! So, just to be safe, when a customer wanted a dozen loaves, bakers threw in an extra one to be sure they met the weight requirement. The king was happy, the customers were happy, and the bakers got to keep their hands — that’s a win/win/win!

While many modern bakeries have adopted an automated system that uses machines to shape and cook their doughnuts, that’s not how we roll (pun intended). Our doughnuts have always been – and will always be – fresh and handmade. Therefore, we need our hands! And that’s how we became “Home of the Baker’s Dozen.”