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Kind Words About “America’s Best Doughnuts”

As humble little doughnut shop in a small seaside town, we are always amazed and grateful for recognition from various media sources.  Here are just some of the kind words:

As a small, family-run business, we really appreciate the recognition.  Our doughnuts aren’t fancy – they’re not made from potatoes or covered in cereal, they rarely come out in one uniform shape, and sometimes the jelly or cream has burst a hole through the side.  But we think it’s good that each doughnut has a little character.  Besides, our primary focus is on honest to goodness flavor – and that hasn’t changed since we first opened in 1955.  Each doughnut is handmade using the same recipes we’ve been using for decades.  Heck, the tool we use to cut the filled doughnuts is so old they don’t make replacement parts for it anymore.

Even the people are the same.  Gary’s uncle started the business in the 40’s before  his dad and mom started running it, before Gary took it over in the 80’s and now runs it with his family.

Mainers are known to be a little stubborn, so I guess it stands to form that our doughnuts don’t change much either.

We appreciate all the kind words and invite you to come check us out if you haven’t yet.  It gets a little chilly in the winter, but we’re right between Boston and Portland, and we promise to make it worth the drive every time.